Dangerous Things Implants

KSEC do a range of implants, Too see for yourself check out their website and forum with the links bellow,


There are two different types of Implants currently the X Series and the Flex Series.


The XSeries are the easier to implant and the chips are in cases in an small tube which can be injected into the skin.

More information can be found here https://cyborg.ksecsolutions.com/shop-xseries/


The Flex Series however require a more surgical approach. By slicing and creating a pocket under the skin for the implant to go. More information can be found here about these implants and they’re not for the faint of hearted. There is a big performance increase with the Flex Series which is why they’re more favourable as long as you’re able to have the procedure done.

More information can be found here https://cyborg.ksecsolutions.com/shop-flex/

Here are some videos about the FlexNT Performance

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