Proxmark 3 Dev - Tag enumeration

Basic tags

There are a few tags that come with the proxmark3 dev.

HF Tags - 13.56Mhz

  • Mifare 1 S50 white PVC card
  • Mifare Ultralight white PVC card
  • Mifare UID white PVC card (Chinese Magic Card)

LF Tags - 125Khz

  • HID tag
  • T5577 tag
  • EM4X tag


so by running “lf search” proxmark will find any lf tag by the antenna.

lf search


we can also run “lf read” to read the tag info.

lf read


Next let us see the full raw binary for the tag we just read, so issue a data printdemod to output the demodulated tag buffer from the previous demodulation command (lf search)

Then do a data plot to open the graph

data printdemmod

data plot


The proxmark client offers a simple autocorrelation feature

data autocorr 2000 g


Mifare s50

High Frequency tag search

hf search 


This command executes the ISO 14443-3 Type A anticollision procedure and prints out the info gathered from the card’s responses.

hf 14a reader


This essentially does nothing else than hf 14a reader except that it only prints out the card’s UID and can do so an arbitrary number of times unattended. This is useful e.g. to analyze the RNG of a card that generates random UIDs. The output is encased in timestamps to indicate the duration of the complete procedure.

hf 14a cuids 1


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